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Our story:


Founded in 2014 to serve the market in the segments of generation, cogeneration, distribution and transmission of electrical energy, P&Control Services has gradually become a reference company for its customers and partners.

We were born at a time of high crisis in the country, however, with a lot of willpower and faith in God, we did not lose focus on becoming a reference company in our segment of activity.

Our first headquarters was in the residence of its founder and current director, in this period (just over a year) we already had as main clients and partners several sugar and alcohol plants, industries, offshore companies, in addition to the company that was the game changer for our growth and later our consolidation in the market, the multinational Alstom, where we had the opportunity to work on very important projects together with its engineering sector.

At the beginning of 2015, we were already in our first headquarters, a small office of just over 60 m², where even with little space we created our first technical training laboratory, in this small laboratory we had the opportunity to train several professionals, some of whom, some They are in other companies developing excellent services.

In June 2018, even after all the crisis that affected and still affects our country, we decided to invest even more in our professionals and also in our structure, we moved to our current headquarters a larger building area of almost 2000m².


Provide electrical engineering services and products aimed at various industrial sectors, with a main focus on electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution systems, always offering reliability and safety for our customers and partners, in addition to promoting the continuous development of our employees.


To be a company recognized for its results, maintaining an excellent relationship with its customers, partners and employees and continually seeking quality and excellence in the services provided.


  • Innovation;

  • Professionalism;

  • Continuous Improvement;

  • Ethic;

  • Transparency;

  • Integrity;

  • Security;

  • Responsibility

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